About our Penguin Greetings

CustomCards.biz is based on an original idea by James Whiting. Below are details of all the images used in our free Penguin E-greetings.

The following images were obtained from Gifs.net.

This image was created by Espresso Graphics

Gifs.net does not identify the creators of the following images.

All of the images below were obtained from the Open Clip Art Library and are in the public domain.

These images are from WP Clipart and are in the public domain.

Our favicon A penguin wobbling from side-to-side is courtesy of Xd Vivek and Favicon.cc, and is subject to a Creative Commons licence.

I’m very grateful to all the people who have made their images available – this website would not have been possible without their generosity.

Finally, the snow effect is courtesy of Scott Schiller and is subject to the BSD licence.

We’re doing our bit to help protect the penguin’s natural environment from the effect of global warming, by minimising our carbon emmissions. This website is powered entirely by renewable energy, through 1&1 Internet’s Green Hosting technology.

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